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How to Create An Event Blog & Make Money from It As A Beginner?

Do you have any plans to start an event blog? Are you interested in learning how to profit from event blogging? You are in the proper location.

Event blogging is all about focusing on an upcoming occasion or holiday, like Black Friday or the New Year, and producing unique material related to that occasion. Following that, you will monetise your blog via various sources, including affiliate marketing, display ads, and more.

Event blogging has so many benefits including;

Use it to supplement your income.

Compared to general blogs, a lot less work is needed (where you need to constantly create content for better results)

If you choose the appropriate keywords, you’ll be ranked on the first page.

So if you’re seeking for a detailed tutorial on creating a profitable event blog from scratch, this post is a treat for you.

Without further ado, let’s get into the specifics.

Event Blogging: How to Build A Successful Event Blog in 2022

What is Event Blogging?

When you start a blog focused on an event, you are event blogging. This means that you choose an event and solely produce content related to that event.

Because it focuses on a single event, event blogs are often referred to as “micro speciality blogs” (or topics).

For instance, you might start a blog titled “New Year’s Day Wallpapers” where the topic is “New Year” and start offering people wallpapers to download. Event blogs typically only receive a large volume of targeted attention during the “event period.”

Accordingly, for the aforementioned example, you will primarily receive traffic at the beginning of the year (or towards the end of the year).

To monetize, you can also use your main blog to set up a special category to cover specific events.

The majority of people believe that event blogging consists solely of setting up a blog for a forthcoming occasion, like the New Year, publishing a few posts, and earning some quick cash through AdSense.

It’s NOT, though!

If you develop an event blog for the long term, done properly, you can earn 10 times more money. In this post, you’ll discover how to develop a successful event blog over time rather than just for a single event.

How to Create An Event Blog & How to Make Money from Event Blogging:

You’re interested in learning how to create an event blog from scratch. Here is a straightforward yet comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to begin event blogging and earn money from it.

Pick an event (including some event blogging topics)

Make sure to select an event before beginning any plans to start an event blog. For instance, we at Bloggers Passion focus on the once-a-year Black Friday season (during November).

In a similar vein, you can decide on an occasion on which to base your blog. Here are a few ideas for event blogging themes you might want to think about.

To determine the level of interest in any event you wish to target, use Google Trends to identify the “Search Trend.”

That event should have a consistent or rising search popularity over time (instead of a downward trend).

For instance, Google Trends will display the information below when you search for an event like “IPL versus Big Bash” (both are well-known premium cricket leagues).

As you can see in the screenshot above, Google Trends indicates that the IPL is significantly more well-liked than the Big Bash, and you can observe a sharp increase in search volume in April and May. That’s because IPL is played in India throughout those months. Millions of individuals conduct keyword searches at that time using phrases like IPL.

A great event (or topic idea) to start a blog about is the upward trend in search trends that you can see year over year.

The following categories are available for you to choose an event from.

introductions of new products (such as Tesla, iPhone new launches, Android launches etc)

Sports (such as IPL, Soccer, Wrestling etc) (such as IPL, Soccer, Wrestling etc)

One-time-only, exclusive eCommerce deals (like those on Amazon)

Find long-tail keywords: Finding low-competitive keywords is the best strategy to enhance your search traffic. Long tail keywords can be useful in this situation. Four or more keywords are typically present in long tail keywords.

For instance, a long-tail keyword might be “top free fitness apps for iPhone,” whereas a short-tail term would be “fitness apps.”

In our experience, if you intend to sell affiliate products through your event blog, both product reviews and comparative blogs perform fantastically.

Even while you have access to a broad variety of monetization tactics like AdSense, Infolinks, RevenueHits, etc., you can make considerably more money from event blogging by utilising passive revenue sources like affiliate marketing.

Following are some great guidelines for creating in-depth blog posts for your event blog.

Research and an outline are essential when writing long-form content. You can cover more topics if you spend more time doing research. Ensure that you conduct a competitor study and locate the top 10 outcomes for the subjects you intend to cover.

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